Dance Hall Dream

from by Daniel Joannis



This is the first full-length song I wrote. November 16th, 2007. Days before I was day dreaming in English class that I was the DJ at a school dance, and was playing this song and everyone was into it and dancing.

The main melody was created then, and I had to try as hard as I could all day to not forget it. With the help of a friend I recorded me humming it on his mp3 player for safety. Finally, that night I began writing, and ended up with a piece of personal history.

Writing this song also resulted in the naming of the album, "Rhythmind".

This song showed me that I was capable of writing whole songs, that I could combine tracks of different instruments and make something bigger, something meaningful and layered, and really gave me the motivation to keep going.

Now, over 100 song project files later, I'm glad I decided to take that little siesta in English.


from Rhythmind, released November 18, 2012




Daniel Joannis St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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