by Daniel Joannis

Cityrise 03:08
Underglow 03:43
Midnight Oil 04:45
Mirage 06:20
Nightfall 04:20
Sink or Swim 05:41
Catharsis 04:25


.: about this album

On November 16th, 2007, Dance Hall Dream became the first full length song I had ever composed. It was a monumental stepping stone, proof that I was capable of writing music.

Fast forward to today. I've assembled 13 songs in a musical project titled "Rhythmind". 5 years in the making, it contains only a small fraction of all my compositions.

The idea of Rhythmind has been in my heart while writing each of these songs. It was a concept, an idea and motivation. And what it is today is nothing like what I could have imagined then. That's why it is so great to me - this is 5 years of organic, meaningful music. It is as pure as it can be, straight from my mind, and I hope that, when it enters yours, you too can find what I appreciate in Rhythmind.


released November 18, 2012

.: album credits

It began with the discovery of electronic music composition, and for that I must credit Suraj Jagai. He was a source of inspiration and motivation from the beginning, and helped me find the tools I needed to create music. He is a man who feels music, and I would love for you to get a chance to feel his music: www.myspace.com/theljmusic

Dance Hall Dream was very quickly remixed into a metal version by Pictures at an Exhibition, a band I was a member of in the early days of Rhythmind. Having my solo song converted into a band performance piece was very rewarding, and subtly encouraged me to keep writing solo. Thank you to Alex Rankin, Allan Ford, and Brandon Blair, of the former band, PaaE.

Before the release, I asked my uncle, Paul Joannis, to go through and scrutinize the album, to provide objective feedback. He made time over the course of a month to provide a thorough analysis, based on his studio and band experience. This feedback was invaluable, and resulted in important improvements. Thank you.




Daniel Joannis Ottawa, Ontario

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